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Organic acids, containing carbon, oxygen, wind hydrogen, that are constituents of fats and oils. There are more than 40 fatty acids found in nature, they distinguished from are another by their consistent numbers of carbon and hydrogen atoms, Certain fatty acids cannot be synthesized by body and mush by provided by the diet, these substances, sometimes collectively turned essential fatty acids, are linoleic, linolenic and arachidonic acids, strictly speaking only linoleic acid is truly essential, Read more [...]

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How to Fat Low in Our body. A substance that is composed of one or more fatty acids. Fat is the main form in which energy is stored by the body. A layer of fat, known as adipose tissue, lies directly beneath the skin Excess amounts of fat are deposited under the skin in obesity. Fatal Causing, or ending in death. Fatigue Tiredness. Fat Pad A localized collection of fatty tissue. Fat pads are normally found in parts of the body that need cushioning and protection, such as behind the eyeballs, Read more [...]

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DEFAMATION An He ,receptor antagonist drug that promotes healing of peptic ulcers and reduces inflammation of the esophagus (see esophagi). defamation acts by suppressing production of stomach acid. side effects are uncommon but may include headaches and dizziness. Francois anemia A rare type of a plastic anemia (see anemia a plastic) in which the bone marrow which normally make all of the type of blood cells produces abnormally low members of the cell. Francois syndrome A rare Read more [...]

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Famciclovir Familial Definition Familial Hyper Cholesterol Familial Mediterranean Fever Familial Screening Family Planning Family Planning The deliberate limitation or spacing of births, strategies for family planning include the different methods of contraception. Familial Screening Screening of a family in which one member is affected by an inherited disorder. looking for evidence of increased susceptibility to a disorder may involve testing for a specific gene defect as Read more [...]

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The two Fallopian tubes attach to the upper part of the uterus one on each side. their funnel-shaped ends lie lose to, but not touching the ovaries to receive released eggs. The Fallopian tubes transport eggs to the uterus if there is damage to or blockage of the Fallopian tubes, the passage of the eggs from the ovary to the uterus may be impeded so that there is inability to conceive. CAUSES Falls may simply be accidents which are commonly the result of obstructions on the ground (such as Read more [...]

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Dizzy spells and feeling faint are common problem Causes include low blood sugar, drinking too much alcohol, or simply getting up to quickly. Feeling faint may also be due to emotional shock or panic, or may occur in pregnancy. An occasional attend rarely a cause for concern, but sometimes the problem is due to an underlying condition or to certain drugs. SEE YOUR DOCTOR FIRST. Make an appointment to see your doctor if, You are taking a prescribed medicine that may be causing the problem Read more [...]

Anderson Fairys Disease | Fairys Disease Information

Intro: Anderson fairy are using at on the medic-em. Fair's DISEASE A rare inherited disorder caused by a deficiency of alpha-galactosidase A, an enzyme (a protein that acts as a catalyst) necessary for the metabolism of certain lipids in the body, Without the enzyme lipids accumulate in the tissues, especially in the nerves, heart and kidneys, Fairy’s disease is inherited as an X-linked recessive trait (see genetic disorders and therefore affects males more commonly than females. SYMPTOMS Among Read more [...]


SELF HELP: ITCHY EYES   Itchy eyes often look red, and there may also be irritation and a burning feeling. You may want to rub them continually. Anything that irritates the eyes, such as smoky atmospheres, dust, or infection, can produce itching as can allergies such as hay fever or reactions to chlorinated swimming pools, cosmetics, or eye drops. This condition, called. Blepharitis is more common in people who have sin conditions such as dandruff. You may also develop itchy eyes occasionally Read more [...]


SYMPTOMS AND COMPLICATIONS A foreign body may cause irritation redness, increased tear production and blasphemous (uncontrollable closure and squeezing of the eyelid) Some foreign bodies left within the eyeball may release damaging substances into the eye resulting in blindness, other foreign bodies may remain intact but cause infection that can lead to loss of sight. Sympathetic ophthalmologist is a rare condition that may threaten sight even in the uninjured eye. SELF HELP FOREIGN OBJECT Read more [...]

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Self Help: Dry Eyes. Dry eyes tend to develop when you are not producing enough tears or the tears are not lubricating eye properly. Your eyes may feel irritated or gritty. People of any age can be affected but older people’s particularly woman after the menopause is more susceptible. The problem is make worse by dry or windy weather, chlorinated swimming pools, and air conditioning or central hating heating, Diabetes, and certain medications such as amphetamines, can also cause dry eyes, as an Read more [...]

How Your Kidney Work | The National Kidney Foundation

1,Edematous state: In this reabsorption of Nacl is high,leadings to, 1,heat failure s 2,hepatic Ascites 3,Nephritic syndrome 4,Premenstrual Edema Ascitis is the accusations of bluids in abdominal cavity occurs due to human reasons A,increase portal blood pressure B,zindary hypertension 2:Non-Edematus state In this absorption of Nacl is decreased conditions include 1,Hypertension 2,Hyper calcium 3,Diabetes insipid-us So there conditions are maintained by the drugs that at-terms are Read more [...]

How To Keep Our Town Clean Building Partnerships

How to keep our town. We are Muslims we should follow the teaching of Islam. Islam gives us the sense of purity cleanliness.We should therefore be clean in action and thought. Our holy prophet (peace be upon him) loved cleanliness, we should feel proud of following his footsteps. In Advanced countries even today people dust their houses and its surroundings themselves.In the evening the sprinkle water on the roads in front their houses. These things may be a cause of an epidemic Read more [...]