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YOUR BODY: FERTILIZATION Fertilization occurs when the head of a sperm penetrates a mature ovum. After penetration, the nuclei (which contain the genetic material) of the sperm and ovum fuse and the body and tail of the sperm drop off. The newly fertilized ovum cal   led a zygote then forms an outer layer that is impenetrable to other sperm. The zygote undergoes repeated cell divisions as it passes down the Fallopian tube. By the time it reaches the uterus, it has grown into a solid Read more [...]

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Oxygen and nutrients enter the fetal blood through the placenta, an organ embedded in the inner lining and wall of the uterus and connected to the fetus by the umbilical cord. The maternal and fetal circulations in the placenta, which allows the exchanges of nutrients and waste products. blood returning to the heart flows into the right atrium and from there the right ventricle. In the fetus, at this stage and has more tissues to supply with oxygen. Bypassing pulmonary artery into the aorta, through Read more [...]

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[wordpress_file_upload]Femur The medical name for the thigh bone, which is the longest bone in the body. The lower end of the femur hinges with the tibia to form the knee joint. Te upper end is rounded into a ball that fits exactly into a socket in the pelvis to form the hip joint. The head of the femur is joined to the bone shaft by a narrow piece of bone called the neck of the femur, which is a common fracture site. St the lower end, the bone is enlarged to from two lumps that distribute the Read more [...]

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Female An individual with two X sex chromosomes. Females are also characterized by the presence of a vagina and vulva. Female Catheter A short catheter (flexible tube) that can be inserted into a woman's bladder through the urethra for the purpose of withdrawing urine. Feminization The developments of female secondary sexual characteristics in the male (such as breast enlargement and fat deposits beneath the skin and loss of facial hair). The condition is due either to a hormonal disorder or Read more [...]

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Feng Shui Practiced in China for over a thousand years, Feng shui is the ancient Oriental art of arranging living and working space to bring physical and spiritual benefits. Derived from the same philosophy as acupuncture and other traditional Chinese therapies, it seeks to harmonize the flow of (life energy) within a room or building to enhance the health, happiness, and prosperity of those who live or work there. Feng shui has had a major impact on the development of cities such as Hong Kong Read more [...]

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Hi There! Fruits are most important for your body. If you need Health so you should also need Fruits, because of fruits have many benefits like at fruits are reduced the risk of some chronic diseases in your body. Fruit have many vitamins like; in the Apricots has Vitamin A Vitamin B1 Vitamin B2 Vitamin B6 Vitamin C. Now in the Apple has Vitamin A Vitamin B1 Vitamin B2 Vitamin B6 Vitamin C and in the banana has Vitamin A Vitamin B1 Vitamin B2 Vitamin B6 Vitamin C. Now What is Vitamin? Any Read more [...]

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Folic Acid Also called folate or folacin, folic acid is one of the B-complex vitamins. Folic acid can not b manufactured by the body and mush, therefore, come from food or supplements. The daily requirements of folic acid for both healthy men and women is 200 micrograms (200 mg). However, the need increases prior to and pregnancy, when breastfeeding and in people over about 50 years old. Folic acid plays a vital role in making DNA *the substance that makes up our genes) and RNA (a substance Read more [...]

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SOLUBLE FIBRE The inclusion of soluble fibre in the diet slows the breakdown of complex carbohydrates, such as starch, into simple sugars, such as glucose, thereby slowing the absorption of sugar and possibly leading to reduced levels of sugar in the blood. During digestion, soluble fibre forms a gel-like mass that binds cholesterol to the stool, if eaten in sufficient quantities, soluble fibre can also help reduce the levels of cholesterol in your blood. Good sources of soluble whole grains such Read more [...]

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Their diets are based on the belief that different food types are digested in different ways and should not be eaten together, weight loss result from a correct combining of food types. HAY DIET The Hay Diet was introduced in 1930 by Dr. William Hay, who believed that eliminating refined foods from the diet and avoiding eating protein and starch at the same meal allows the body to heal itself. Weight loss is an additional benefit. You can eat out on this family-friendly plan. No special products Read more [...]

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Age Time Food 4 Months At second breast or bottle-feed Breast Milk/formula. Offer one or two teaspoons of pureed fruit or vegetables or rice cereal 4 Months 1/2 At Second breast or bottle-feed. At third Breast or bottlefeed Breast or bottle-feed. Two teaspoons of rice cereal, followed by breast or bottle-feed offer two teaspoons of vegetable or fruit puree 5 to 6 months Early morning,----> Breakfast,----------> Lunch,-------------> Mid-afternoon,/---> Dinner Breast Read more [...]

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PRACTICAL BABY TECHNIQUE The nipple is drawn to the back of the mouth the jaws press on the areola to pump milk well supported, and the arm tucked around your body. Whenever possible, have skin-to-skin contact wit your baby during feeds. Stroke your baby's cheek with a finger or your nipple so the mouth opens wide and your baby turns towards the nipple, Expressing a little milk on the nipple will help to encourage your baby. Aiming your nipple at the roof of the baby's mouth, make sure the Read more [...]

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Most feeding problems in babies occur in the early months. some newborns need practice at latching on the breast, while bottle-fed babies may have trouble with different size of tests and type of formula. Babies who are not getting enough milk are often excessively sleepy and slow to gain weight while those who are overfed gain weight too quickly many breast-fed and bottle-fed babies effortlessly posse small amounts of milk after a feed this is not a cause for concern. Some however, regurgitate Read more [...]