How to deliver the order in fiverr website …

ሰላም, Everybody, I’m so excited because today I’ll Sharing amazing topic about Fiverr. Fiverr is the online website, and Online earning siteAnd today I’l talk about, How to deliver the ordeFiverriverr… with easy tricks to get easily deliver in order this fiverr site.

Everyone has known about Fiverr, but my topic is related Fiverr order. Now I start the first step how to deliver in order so once to logged in and click the dashboard and say TO- DO section, you have revised in already an order so click Deliver Now.. within your deliver page. you can click DELIVER YOUR ORDER at the top or scroll down to the bottom and click DELIVER NOW.

Guy’s you already knew the site is very old about 2009 or very Popular many people using this site and get the business, ኩባንያ, shops, related work.

Seller Thinking

Seller is very Happy because the seller has received the order and provide the Best and Quality work in a buyer, and seller thinging Buyer will very Happy with this work.

  • Very is high 5$ because 5$ = 500 in Pakistani others more related to shows in google
  • Very Simple work and get 5$ in just 1 day
  • Good community provided
  • Seller get many buyers per day and get more $
  • Very Good Communication seller is good about before this.

Buyers Thinking

  • Buyers very happy because of getting high-quality work.
  • Buyers all requirements send work is liked
  • Buyers send 5 stars if work a great job
  • Buyers just pay 5$
  • Very Options provide Fiverr as per buyers need
  • Very easily using
  • Buyers getting all files, Like AI Format, PSD, EPS, JPEG, PNG



እርስዎ ግንቦት በተጨማሪም እንደ

ያስጻፈው: mujeer ጦማሪዎች ጥራት መመሪያ ለመስጠት ያለመ ነው ይህም አንድ ጦማር ነው, የድር ጌታዎች, እና የድር ገንቢዎች. ይህ ነጻ የድር ልማት መገልገያዎች ይሸፍናል, የዎርድፕረስ አጋዥ, የዎርድፕረስ ተሰኪዎች, የዎርድፕረስ እንዴት ነው-ይመራል, የዎርድፕረስ የገጽ ፍጥነት ትባት, የዎርድፕረስ ሲኢኦ, የ Android አጋዥ, የ Android መተግበሪያዎች እና ተጨማሪ ነገሮችን ያድርጉ. ውስጥ 6 ወራት መምታት ስለ ነው 8000+ ተመዝጋቢዎች እና አሁንም በመቁጠር.

መልስ አስቀምጥ

የእርስዎ ኢሜይል አድራሻ ሊታተም አይችልም. የሚያስፈልጉ መስኮች ምልክት የተደረገባቸው ናቸው, *

ማመቻቸያ ዎርድፕረስ ተሰኪዎች & W3 ስለትም መፍትሔዎች