How To Use BuddyPress Plugin in WordPress & ግምገማዎች

Are you looking for modern, robust, and sophisticated social network software? BuddyPress is a suite of components that are common to a typical social network and allows for great add-on features through WordPress’s extensive plugin system.

Enable registered members to create profiles, have private conversations, make connections, create & interact in groups, እና ብዙ ተጨማሪ. Truly a social network in a box, BuddyPress helps you more easily build a home for your company, school, sports team, or other niche community.


BuddyPress has an ever-increasing array of extended features developed by an active and thriving plugin development community, with hundreds of free-and-open BuddyPress-compatible plugins available at


Visit the BuddyPress website for documentation, support, and information on getting involved in the project and community.


BuddyPress is available in many languages thanks to the volunteer efforts of individuals all around the world. Check out our translations page on the BuddyPress Codex for more details.

Please consider helping translate BuddyPress at our GlotPress project. Growing the BuddyPress community means better software for everyone!

I installed this plugin. It works fine.

እርስዎ ግንቦት በተጨማሪም እንደ

ያስጻፈው: mujeer ጦማሪዎች ጥራት መመሪያ ለመስጠት ያለመ ነው ይህም አንድ ጦማር ነው, የድር ጌታዎች, እና የድር ገንቢዎች. ይህ ነጻ የድር ልማት መገልገያዎች ይሸፍናል, የዎርድፕረስ አጋዥ, የዎርድፕረስ ተሰኪዎች, የዎርድፕረስ እንዴት ነው-ይመራል, የዎርድፕረስ የገጽ ፍጥነት ትባት, የዎርድፕረስ ሲኢኦ, የ Android አጋዥ, የ Android መተግበሪያዎች እና ተጨማሪ ነገሮችን ያድርጉ. ውስጥ 6 ወራት መምታት ስለ ነው 8000+ ተመዝጋቢዎች እና አሁንም በመቁጠር.

መልስ አስቀምጥ

የእርስዎ ኢሜይል አድራሻ ሊታተም አይችልም. የሚያስፈልጉ መስኮች ምልክት የተደረገባቸው ናቸው, *

ማመቻቸያ ዎርድፕረስ ተሰኪዎች & W3 ስለትም መፍትሔዎች
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